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Knowledge. Understanding. TRUST.

Financial security starts with exceptional client relationships.

By understanding you, your values and goals, we can share our in-depth technical expertise and develop a strategic growth plan for you and your family.

Who We Are

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast."

At Lighthouse Capital we know and accept that change is inevitable.

By fostering a culture of developing and maintaining an open mindset together with a lifelong learning approach, we consistently seek to find improvements in all that we do.

We view good culture as our critical success factor which is reflected in our decision making, approach and ultimately the client experience.

We aim to be an “employer of choice” as we know that by attracting and retaining the right people, then we will continue to come from a place of strength and innovation coupled with a solid heritage.

Bernard Schortinghuis
Principal & Director

Bernard Schortinghuis

Our Approach

What We Do

Thoughts & Insights


Financial planning specialists who believe trust... is earnt.

The Lighthouse Culture
We seek to foster an environment based on honesty, integrity and a solid work ethic for the betterment of our clients and the broader community.

Client Centric Approach

Every decision we make in the practice is centred around client goals, outcomes and the client experience.

Principle #1

Meaningful Work

We will always appreciate and never underestimate the degree of trust that clients place in us and the difference we can make in their lives.

Principle #2

Embrace Complexity

We have one of the most complex financial and tax systems in the world. We thrive on complexity and seek to work with our clients trusted other professionals in order to collaborate for the best possible outcomes.

Principle #3

Employer Of Choice

We seek to foster an environment that truly values its people and provides opportunities for growth and development.

Principle #4

Our Continuous Improvement

Encourage a culture with a mindset that's open to new learnings and ways to do things better. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone for personal growth and development. We understand that ideas can emerge from “any corner” and we encourage all to contribute.

Principle #5

Change Is Constant

We understand that change is inevitable in all facets of life. We embrace change, be open in order to adapt and innovate to meet the change.

Principle #6

Heritage & History

Helping Australian's Grow Their Wealth For Over 20 Years

Company Established in

Our Expertise

So, who do we work best with?

Lighthouse Capital will actively collaborate with your other advisors including accountants, estate planning lawyers and bankers/brokers giving us the ability to ensure each and every aspect of your financial world is aligned to achieve the best results.


If you are planning to retire in the next five to ten years, now is the most critical time to establish a targeted and personalised financial plan to secure and protect your future.


Helping you as a retiree to generate an income stream to support your lifestyle and longevity of funds throughout your retirement years and beyond.

Wealth Accumulators

In order to optimise the various dimensions of your financial world, we will work together with you to formulate a customised and holistic financial solution.

Private Wealth

As Australia has a highly complex taxation and superannuation landscape, we collaborate with your trusted advisors to navigate these complexities and assist in developing strategies and solutions.


Client Feedback

“We have absolute confidence in our adviser. Our relationship with her is excellent, we regard her as a good friend and we know that results achieved are the best ones possible”
Wealth Accumulators
“They are highly responsive, thorough, sound in thought process and analysis, very personalised service and high in integrity”
“Lighthouse capital have proved to be diligent and scrupulous in their investment decisions”
Private Wealth

Our Services

What We Do

We seek to develop customised, holistic financial planning solutions matched to our client’s individual preferences.
Our strength lies in having experienced specialists across the spectrum of financial planning including strategic advice, personal insurances, superannuation including SMSF’s and portfolio construction. Specifically, we specialise is managing individually managed investment portfolios with an emphasis on income generation and capital preservation.”

Our team work on a holistic basis. This encompasses developing goals and objectives coupled with strategic advice to help you get there. We take a long-term view with ongoing reviews forming an essential part of staying on track.

Strategic Financial
Planning (Holistic)

Our team have extensive direct equities experience and can actively manage your portfolio, focusing on your individual requirements. We diversify across asset classes utilising a combination of direct investments alongside a range of other investment options.


Specialists in pre and post retirement planning for over twenty years, we seek to help our clients maximise their opportunities to prepare for and then enjoy this important stage in life. We work with you to develop realistic savings goals to prepare for retirement.

Pre & Post Retirement Planning

Having adequate insurances that match your preferences and budget is a critical element to get right in order to protect you and your loved ones. We seek to regularly review types, cover levels and ownership structures along the way to ensure they remain appropriate.

Personal Insurances
(Risk Management)

Australia is experiencing the largest wealth transfer in history. This process can be complex and often requires collaboration with other professionals such as accountants and estate planning specialists to develop strategies and structuring advice to help clients safely navigate this critical part of their financial world.

Intergenerational Wealth Transfer

Working with our clients “other professionals” is a specialisation within our advice model. Coordinating an advice ecosystem that brings together your accountant, estate planning specialist and banker where appropriate creates an ecosystem where the relevant parties work together in your best interests.

Professional Collaboration
(Advice Ecosystem)

Our Impact

Lighthouse in the Community

At Lighthouse Capital we take the time to engage with our broader community through industry participation, podcasts, the media, school workshops, university guest lecturing and social media with a view to encouraging others to develop and expand their financial literacy and money habits.

This podcast marries financial education with tips on how to change your “everyday money habits”. In this podcast series we interview the experts in our field.

Good Money Habits (Podcast)

Building financial knowledge and developing good “habits” is an essential life skill. Exposing students at a younger age is proving to help them on their way.


With an ever decreasing pool of high quality financial planners in our profession, we provide guest lecturing for Financial Planning Undergraduates with a view to sharing practical and technical knowledge to support the future of the profession and inspire the next generation.


Our team are often involved in a range of activities across the philanthropic spectrum such as pro bono advice and fund raising for the Breast Cancer Research Centre, The Cancer Council, The Good Samaritans and Ronald McDonald House.


We support and encourage our team to aim for the highest educational qualifications within our profession. Lighthouse Capital have been awarded multiple awards spanning many years including GPL Practice of the year and Adviser of the year.



Good Money Habits

with Julia Schortinguis

Has Corona virus turned your financial world upside down? Are you seeking greater financial security so that you can focus on what you really want to do in life ? This podcast marries financial education with tips on how to change your “everyday money habits”. 

With over 20 years experience across financial services I will be exploring the foundations of money and will be bringing in industry experts whom I know and trust to share their wisdom and expertise.

Let’s do this!

Good Money Habits Episode 6: Kids and Money with Kendall Flutey CEO Banqer

Lastest Posts

Thoughts & Insights

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As financial advice specialists under the Godfrey Pembroke license, we are self-employed business owners and understand the challenges of managing complexity.

We choose to partner with Godfrey Pembroke to benefit from the support they offer across investment services, research, on-going training, compliance and marketing.

Internal quality measures are an essential part of our service and we are required to adhere to Godfrey Pembroke’s exacting licensee standards. We are regularly assessed against them ensuring that you receive the highest quality of advice.